I'm an information designer interested in the relationships between software and society. Most of my research involves examining the overlapping roles of machine learning, visualization, and art in the criticism and articulation of information. I take abstract concepts and thrust them out into usable, compelling displays.

Concept Art ♦♦
  • paper
  • coffee
Interface Design ♦♦
  • d3 / react
  • threejs
Experience Design
  • media studies
  • game design

Data Science
  • algorithms
  • theory
  • node / flask
  • docker
Product Design ♦♦
  • pen / ink
  • flash

current status

and completion progress

Pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, writing a thesis about rhetorics of visibility and participation in logistical media.
Developing an interface for the National Institutes of Health MD2K Initiative at the Polo Club, concentrating on data provenance visualization.
Contributing to work and open discussions at the Local Data Design Lab.
Working with Arts@Tech to engage Georgia Tech students with the arts, focusing on integrative programs for arts in academics, and building an interactive arts portal.

completed missions

and links to relevant documents


  • 2015Master of Science in Computer Science
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2015Minor in Artificial Intelligence
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2015Bachelor of Science in Computational Media
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2014Senior Design Capstone
    IT University Copenhagen
  • 2012Study Abroad
    Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
  • 2011International Baccalaureate Diploma
    Vanguard High School


  • 2016ArtCenter / Jet Propulsion Lab / Caltech Visualization Program
    Designer, Lead Developer
  • 2015Georgia Institute of Technology
    Graduate Research Assistant
  • 2015NIH Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge
    Research Assistant
  • 2015The Goat Farm Arts Center
  • 2015Data Science for Social Good Atlanta
  • 2013Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
    Research Assistant
  • 2013Georgia Institute of Technology
    UI / UX Developer
  • 2011DS Media Labs, Inc.
    Design Director
  • 2010MTV Atom Entertainment
    Contracted Developer
  • 2007E19 Industries LLC


  • 2016Exploratory Visual Analytics of Mobile Health Data
    Primary Author (forthcoming)
  • 2015Interactive Cohort Discovery and Comparison
    VIS, Primary Author
    Poster / Paper
  • 2015Interactive Visualization of Netflow Traffic
    EISIC, Interface Developer
    Poster / Paper
  • 2013Visualizing Multi-Agent Systems
    WI/IAT, Primary Author
    Poster / Paper


  • 2016Spacecraft Trajectory Design
    Jet Propulsion Lab, CA
  • 20163DDNA
    Caltech, CA
  • 2016Portraying Algorithms to Others
    MD2K Seminar, web
  • 2016Māori Subject Headings
    Humanities Data Vis, GA Workshop
  • 2015Ontology in Visual Representations of Human Behavior
    Computational Social Science, GA Workshop / Poster
  • 2015Interactive Cohort Discovery and Comparison
    VIS, IL
  • 2015Mobile Health Data Visualization
    GVU Brownbag, GA
  • 2015Discovery Dashboard Demonstration
    MD2K Annual Meeting, TN
  • 2015Policymaking from Wireless Network Interaction
    General Assembly, GA
  • 2013Visualizing Multi-Agent Systems
    WI/IAT, GA
  • 2013ActionScript 3.0 Workshop
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2012Adobe Flash Workshop
    Georgia Institute of Technology


  • 2015New Machines
    Pen and Ink
    1 2
  • 2015Cyberpoetica
    Pen and Ink, Flash, Photoshop
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

selected games

  • 2014Spirit of the Thief
    For the Gameboy Advance
  • 2013Tread Lightly
    Funded by Kickstarter
    Mac / Win
  • 2011I Don't Even Game
    10 Million Plays